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Cause and Affect: Intentionality as First Mover?

I hope in this discussion to explore the notion of "intentionality" and how we, as complex, evolving systems, can make sense of it.

The Classification Problem - Fungal Considerations


by Wilfred Franklin

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Taxonomists and systematists are interested in understanding evolutionary relationships between living organisms.  This in turn is motivated by an interest to understand the forces and factors that influence evolution within taxa and in so doing, evolution in general. 

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Multiple worlds, multiple interpretations: quantum physics and the brain

Very interesting seminar last night by Guy Blaylock on the multiple worlds interpretation of quantum physics.  Nice example of the principle that a given set of empirical observations is always subject to multiple interpretations, ie that there is always a perspectival or "subjective" element in scientific stories.  And an interesting dissection of reasons for preferring one or another several stories, a dissection that might in turn lead to some new stories.

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Evolving Systems: August 2009 Core Group Meeting

The Emergence of Form, Meaning, and Aesthetics

August 18, 2009 Core Group Meeting

Background, Summary,
and Continuing Discussion

Background (Paul's version):

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Loopiness: conflict, humanness, and the universe

I've been thinking a lot this summer not only about my own story of myself but also about some general ways of thinking about ... selves, interpersonal relations, inquiry, humanity, and our relation to the universe.  Central to all is has been the notion of "looping," a recurrent and infinitely extended process in which existing structures and forms interact with each other and with an underlying persistent randomness to generate new structures and forms.    

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The Taoist Story Teller and Culture: Do We Still Need Truth, Reality, and/or God?

The 2009 Metanexus meeting, plane rides to/from Phoenix reading Raymond Smullyan's The Tao is Silent and Ann Harrington's The Cure Within: A History of Mind-Body Medicine, conversations last week with Bharath Vallabha (see Truth and Power in Education), Alice Lesnick, and Ben Olshin, and discussions in our K-12 summer institutes  all seem to bear on the above question(s), and suggest an interesting approach to them.

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Science - Code of Conduct?: Supplement


The Need for a Science Code of Conduct?

Supplementary Materials

These evolving materials are provided to encourage continuing and new thought about science and its role in culture and, in particular, about the possible need of both scientists and others to clarify the ethical responsibilities inherent in scientific research. See If you have any comments or find an article that you would like me to post, add it to the forum area below! 


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Education in Life Itself -- Changing Perspective


Wil Franklin, Paul Grobstein, Emily Lovejoy and I participated in a discussion over the draft of a paper entitled "Education in Life Itself."  These are my thoughts from the discussion.


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