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The Popper Context: Logical Positivism

Welcome to the public on-line forum area for Phil 310 = Bio 310 at Bryn Mawr College. This is not a required part of the course. It is, though, a way to keep course conversations going between meetings, and to do so in a way that makes our course conversations available to others who may in turn have interesting thoughts to contribute to them. I'll be posting my thoughts in progress here throughout the course, and would be delighted to have others join in. 

Feel free to write about whatever has been on your mind this week.  Among the themes of class discussion was logical positivism and Popper's reactions to it as the origins of his "negativist" philosophy of science.

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Philosophy of Science 2008 - Schedule

22 Jan MK, PG Introduction and the demarcation problem past and present
See Evolution and Intelligent Design: Perspectives and Lakatos
29 Jan MK Realism and the Aim of Science I

Philosophy of Science 2008

The overriding theme of this course is an exploration of the nature of scientific knowledge in the context of the realist/constructivist controversy in the philosophy of science. It will seek an accommodation between realism and constructivism. Further topics include evolution, complexity and emergence, the brain, and science as story telling as they bear on the overriding theme.

Phil 310 = Bio 310, Spring 2008, Tuesdays, 1-3:30


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