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Love is the Drug

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All In Your Head

Striving to find a “soul-mate” is a common goal amongstmany people. The

soul mate a person looks for has to be compatible in manyways and at least to me

the most important factor in a person is his or herpersonality. People fall in love

with a person’s ‘self’, with whom they are inside, or atleast this is what I used to

believe. After some research and from what I’ve gatheredfrom class, the process of

finding a ‘soul-mate’, I would argue, is a biologicalprocess.

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Physical Experiences as Constructs of the Mind: Looking Closer at Phantom Limb Pain and Severe Depression

In Emily Dickinson’s poem The Brain – Is Wider Than the Sky, she stated that our experiences and feelings are constructs of our mind and that we feel and experience what our brain tells us to  (1, 2). In other words, her belief was that the happenings in our lives occur because we tell ourselves that they do.  Thus, our behavior both mentally and physically she presents as a product of our mind.  So, in terms of mental stability and physical experiences- how much of these experiences/conditions are mental and how much of them are physical?  Does she believe that a woman in labor is only experiencing pain from child birth because she is

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The Art of Following the Rules


The Art of Following the Rules

Bailey Baumann


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The Brain Without Behavior

Julia Lewis
Professor Grobstein

The Brain Without Behavior

This paper is about exploring the relationship between the human brain and behavior.  To that end, I would like to explore the nervous system and behavior of paralyzed patients.  Paralysis is a condition in which portions of the body receive decreased or no direction from the nervous system. 

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A BioChemical Approach to Love

Menda Francois 24 February 2009

Prof. Paul Grobestein Bio 202; Web Paper #1

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Migraine: Beyond the Pain

Chronic migraines are a condition that cause "intense pulsing or throbbing pain in one area of the head" (6), and are often accompanied by other symptoms which include nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances (6). The pain of a migraine can last from up to a couple of hours to several days, and greatly reduces daily productivity in those who suffer from them (6). The triggers and pain threshold differ among individuals, but all can agree that the experience is unpleasant (6). Often times those who suffer from migraines do not seek treatment, or stop taking medication because they feel as though they can handle the pain (9). However recent studies may indicate that migraines can have even more serious consequences beyond the pain.

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