Biology 202 Web Paper 2

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Concussions in athletes: to play or not to play

     You’ve collided with someone, fallen, been struck by flying athletic equipment in a sports game. After an initial evaluation, involving an MRI or a head CT, the doctor tells you that it’s just a concussion, and it is not that bad. After all, your brain is not bleeding, you are not comatose, and with proper monitoring of your health over the next few weeks or months, full recovery is expected.

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The Clash of Logic and Emotion

As much as can be established, based on analysis of the currently available data, human morality is based on the interaction of two very different systems. One system is responsible for the cold, calculating morality that causes people to say that it is morally permissible to flip a switch in order to kill one person instead of five. This kind of morality is based on numbers and logic without the influence of emotion. The other system, however; is very much based in emotion. The majority of people would not push a large man in front of a train in order to save five people. The numbers are the same, killing one to save five, but people are horrified by the thought of pushing another person in front of a train (Koenigs).

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Antidepressant use in adolescents


Biology 202 Web Paper 2 Sophie Balis-Harris 4/5/10


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To See Without Sight

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The Collective I-Function

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Postpartum Depression and Child Neglect

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The Personality and the Brain

Herman Marcia

Professor Grobstein

Neurobiology and Behavior


Second Web Paper


Personality and the Brain


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Do Lobsters have I-Functions?

                                                             Do Lobsters have I-Functions?


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Keep Calm and Carry On: Now Panic and Freak Out Expected vs. Actual Inputs and the Perception of Pain


British Government Propaganda Poster and Threadless T-Shirt Design

British Government Propaganda Poster and Threadless T-Shirt Design


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Time to Learn

Last weekend at the Ardmore Free Library book sale, I picked up a book called "Summerhill USA," by Richard E. Bull. Have you heard of Summerhill? It's a free school in Suffolk, England that was established in 1921 by Alexander Sutherland Neill. It's one of the foundational "free schools"—schools based on the idea that total freedom is the best environment in which a child can develop and learn. That means nothing is "required"—all classes and activities are optional, in the sense that students don't attend unless they want to. Furthermore, the school operates as a democratic community: decisions are made on a democratic basis, with students, faculty, and staff allowed an equal vote.

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