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What is the revolutionary potential of comics as a medium?

Hello classmates, professors, and visitors!

As the culmination of The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories, I have created a comic in dialogue with Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics that is meant to complement his work by both demonstrating how his ideas are useful and also highlighting some things that he left out of his theory of comics as a revolutionary medium.

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Evolution of Genres in Latin American Literature: The Birth of the Testimonio (Testimonial Narrative)

Coral A. Walker

April 15, 2011


Webpaper #3


Evolution of Genres in Latin American Literature:

The Birth of the Testimonio (Testimonial Narrative)


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Chorost & a Continuation of Teknolust

Our in class conversation on Monday with author Michael Chorost's skype was certainly dynamic. Although I enjoyed the topics discussed, I found that at one point I asked the wrong question and didn't get the more appropriate one across. If I could get the chance to speak with Chorost again, I'd ask him the following:

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Exiled in your hometown

In Professor Dalke’s Thursday discussion section, we explored the idea of solidarity in times of struggle and talked about a lot of different scenarios in which we, like Rambert, might be tempted to leave a difficult situation. The difficulty of being separated from one’s homeland because of a difficult situation, however, seems to be a problem even for the people who remain in Oran, for the place they are staying is not like the one that they knew before The Plague descended upon the city. They are transformed and develop a different relationship to the space they inhabit; the disease fundamentally transforms their relationship to their city.

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Evolving Identities: A Focus on Immigrant Communities

Coral A. Walker

March 4, 2010


Dalke & Grobstein

Webpaper #2


Evolving Identities: A Focus on Immigrant Stories


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Evolution in Urban Development: Planning, Control Memes and Competition for Space

Elly Leman


WebPaper #2

Due March 14, 2011


Evolution in Urban Development

Planning, Control Memes and Competition for Space


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A Journey Through Cultures: Becoming Fit in American Society

A Journey Through Cultures: Becoming Fit in American Society

A certain type of evolution is notable through an immigrant’s arrival to the United States, in which there is an evident transition from their ethnic ties to that of American ways. This can be seen as a form of cultural evolution, whose permanent results can be seen over the spread of various generations. It is interesting to note the external factors that cause this change to occur; that which makes an individual believe they must detach from their old customs and take up new ones. This cultural evolution truly becomes a matter of survival of the fittest in American society today.

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Memes and sleep

 Dennett caught my attention when he discussed what we as humans saw as the point of life. A life of exploring, learning new things is not exactly the way Mother Nature sees it. Instead he mentions that,  "a life of sleep is as good a life as any other and in many regards better --- certainly cheaper --- than most (p.340). Now that I believe is a great motto to live by considering the lack of attention many of my peers seem to pay to the subject of sleep. Wouldn't be interesting if our bodies worked similarly to bears and other mammals that hibernate all winter? Now that would be an interesting experiment, could we sleep through winter? what kinds of changes would our bodies go through?

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