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The Brain and Social Well-Being

The Brain as a Learner/Inquirer/Creator:
Some Implications of its Organization for Individual and Social Well Being


Paul Grobstein
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Does our genetic make up determine who we become?

       Have you ever wondered where you get your physical or behavioral traits from? Well I have and I decided to do more research on this topic which is what this paper would be about. I am going to discuss the difference between nature versus nurture and whether one or the other has a greater impact on the way an individual behaves. This topic also became of interest to me when I decided to focus more on the study of identical twins who have the same genetic make up but not necessarily the same interests.

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Race as An Illusion: What Determines Race?

"All human beings, regardless of race, are more than 99.9 percent the same." President Bill Clinton.[1]

Biodiversity - Week 10

These pages are being generated as part of a senior seminar course directed by Neal Williams at Bryn Mawr College during fall semester, 2007. This week's topic is "Biodiversity and multiple trophic levels"

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Old men and even older women

With progressive advancements in healthcare and proper nutrition throughout the world, the human race has transgressed the bounds of average life expectancies. If one were to look at our species at today, it would be observed that women have now come to considerably outlive men.(6) When women reach midlife, usually ranging anywhere as early as 45 to 55 years of age, they begin to experience menopause. It is defined as the time when a woman’s ovaries fail to produce viable eggs and consequently cease to generate estrogens, progestin, and testosterone. These hormones were once readily used in monthly reproductive cycles and its

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Chocolate can be Good for You?

Chocolate.  A food known and loved by all.  Could it be true that our parent’s are wrong and that chocolate really is good for you? After researching this question I believe the answer is yes; chocolate can be beneficial to a person’s

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