Fellow Traveling with Richard Rorty


Paths to Story Telling as Life:
Fellow Traveling with Richard Rorty

Paul Grobstein
2 July 2007

(comments welcome, go to end;
see also Rorty, Non-Foundationalism and Story Telling: A Conversation)

Reality, Virtuality, and Education

Between Reality and the Virtual:
Education in the 21st Century

Paul Grobstein

24 June 2007

(notes for a talk in the summer institute on Virtual Thinking) 


Acknowledging the virtual in "reality"

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Childhood Origins of Adult Resistance to Science

Childhood Origins of Adult Resistance to Science
Paul Bloom and Deena Skolnick Weisberg
Science 316: 996-997, 2007 (18 May)
(excerpts for discussion)


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