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Conflicts of Interest in Medicine

The relationship between pharmaceutical companies and physicians, nurses and/or other medical personnel has become an alarming concern in the medical field.  Doctors become involved with these companies by creating financial ties with an individual company.
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Why bother laughing?

Try it. See if you can make yourself guffaw, chuckle, or just giggle. You realize after a few seconds that you can not make yourself genuinely laugh to your hearts content. It is hard to force yourself to burst into tears, be at a short of breathe, and experience sharp pains in your ribs while having a smile spread from ear to ear. It is rather oxymoronic to see a moment of relief that results from hysterical boasts of laughter be accompanied with so much physical strenuous activity. It puts into question the appropriateness of laughter let alone its evolutionary advantage.

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Is Vegetarianism Healthy?

I became a vegetarian about two years ago, and have since gone through periods of veganism as well as fish-eating. My choice was mostly motivated by ecological reasons, but I became curious about the health effects of vegetarianism after I noticed changes in how I felt after a change in diet. I found I lost weight as a vegetarian, and had more energy; I also had significantly increased energy in the first month of veganism, though this effect wore off eventually. I wanted to gather more observations to discover if my assumption that vegetarianism was healthier was, in fact, true, and true for people other than myself.

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Science--Another Type of Art?

Science is a body of facts. From fifth grade Science to senior year AP Biology, teachers teach students exactly this. Students see science as a procedure with distinct boundaries between what is right and wrong (1). Science experiments had to meet certain expectations and create the "right" results. Science was all about structure.

But what is "right" anyway?

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