Storytelling as Inquiry: Course Schedule

College Seminar
Bryn Mawr College
Story Telling as Inquiry
Fall 2007

Course Schedule

I. Reading and Revising One's Self
T, 9/4

Introduction to the course

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Similarity through time

Mary Ellen - atmosphere in which we could use our own background knowledge base, bounce ideas off each other, and have the time to process what we were experiencing through trial and error.


Anne - ...don't miss all the great images of us looking for homologies


Diane - I think I would introduce one tree at a time and discussed why the right answer made more sense than the other 2 choices.


Afterwords on Neuroscience (& Physics, & Science Education in General...)

Afterwords on Neuroscience
(and Physics, and Science Education in General....)

Judith: The brain story is a revelant part of everything we do....
we need to be aware of how we think and change the way that we perceive how others think...

Joyce: I'd like to involve my students in this investigational process...
as a periphery reflection of how we think.

Photos of Us Dissecting Brains (Ours and Others)

Afterwords on Watershed Education

Afterwords on Watershed Education

"As literal as you can get"--
and yet--

Watershed Education


Catherine Riihimaki and Jessica Scheick

Bryn Mawr College Geology Department

Watershed Education


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What is inquiry education?

Minisymposium 2007 on K-16 Collaborations



What is inquiry education?

Small group reports



Group 1.

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