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Sites of Interest

 A great starting point for service based learning is a group called EarthForce. They have a wonderful staff who are willing to come to your school and work with your students. This year one of my students won a $250 grant to clean up our outdoor classroom. This is a great way to start your classes thinking about how they might take care of this place called Earth. Check out their web site at .

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Estuary Event for anyone!

Learn About the Delaware Estuary at Coast Day Event
HARRISBURG (July 26) -- The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, along with several sponsors, will host its annual Southeastern Pennsylvania Coast Day celebration from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 15, at Penn’s Landing on the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Coast Day is a free event open to the public that serves to educate visitors about their environmentally sensitive coastline and celebrate this natural resource and its recreational opportunities.
Visitors can tour the many interactive displays and participate in the
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Blog vs Blackboard

We have had many conversations in class about blogging vs using Blackboard. Through conversations with others in class I feel that comfort level is the most important factor when discussing preference. It is taking me some time to become comfortable with blogging.  I find it difficult to navigate and think  some of my blogs have been lost in outerspace . I like Blackboard because there is structure. The teacher provides one or two threads and  the class  begins a discussion. I feel connected with everyone in class. With blogging I feel that we don't really read everyone's blogs, let alone comment on it. I would love to use Blackboard with my classes, I would feel my students were safe and think it could become a great teaching tool in the future.        
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Teach like they do on the next block?

I just spoke to our school's curriculum consultant. She asked me t o print out what the Philadelphia School District has created for their elementary teachers, to follow when teaching science. Am I going to have to mirror the elementary school around the block from our charter school?I think it's the core curriculum or the science frameworks. But if I have to follow their frameworks on a weekly basis, then I don't think I can continue teaching using or set of FOSS kits. This will also limit the amount of inquiry learning I can implement.

Connecting Past and Present (and Future?)




By the end of the morning, I began to intertwine
the previous days' discussions with today's...

The Evolution of Our Stories About Places


The Evolution of Our Stories About Places:

Local, Not Parochial
Historical, Not Unchanging

Spacial, Not Bounded....?

Photos of Us Evolving....

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