Brain and Behavior

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Notes for summer project

The NIH MRI study of normal brain development:
Performance of a population based sample
of healthy children aged 6 to 18 years
on a neuropsychological battery

brain connection


 mapping maturation---

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Introduction to Shoshana Golan

My name is Shoshana Golan and I am teaching at Perelman Jewish Day School.  I came from Israel with a mission to teach Hebrew and Judaic studies to pass the love of the culture and bring life to Israel.  My goal is to have kids want to visit Israel and maybe one day live there.   I want the students to understand how important Israel is.  This summer I am taking a class called Brain and Behavior Institute at Bryn Mawr College because I want to get more ideas about how to understand every student with his or her special needs.  I also want to increase students' motivation to learn and succeed.


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Possible Summer Project Topics

I am thinking about a variety of possible topics for my summer projects. 

Possible things to explore within the context of the brain and bahavior:

  • delayed gratification
  • persistense
  • motivation - intrinsic and extrinisic
  • development of executive function in early childhood
  • learned helplessness
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My Educational Playground: By Antoinette Sisco

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Teaching should only be...

Post Day 2-session one.

Looks like there is only one legitimate purpose for teaching---helping kids learn about the functioning, care and manipulation of their own brains.

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Jill Bean's Introduction

I teach Kindergarten at Lansdowne Friends School.  I have experience working with kids from 3 years old to entering ninth grade, have mostly concentrated on the younger grades (K-2).  I am passionate about teaching and am highly invested in my students and their development.  I developed this blog as part of the Brain and Behavior 2009 Summer Institute and the Inquiry Institute 2009

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Deb Hazen Introduction and Index Page


Brain Behavior Institute 2009 - Session 1



Being a Scientist/Explorer/Creator (Theory)
Starting Wherever We Are, To Get it Less Wrong, Together

Getting to know each others' stories

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