Brain and Behavior

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What I've done this summer

There are strange things done in the Midnight Sunj

By men who mail for gold

The arctic trails have their secret tails

That would make you blood run cold

The Northern Lights have seen strange sights


But the strangest they ever did swee

Was that night on the marge of Lake LeBarge

When I cremated Sam McGee. 

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Introduction to me

Hello everybody. I'm Concetta and I'm in the 2008 Brain and Behavior Institute.

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Motor symphony patterns are independent of experience.Reaffrent loops creates central pattern generations.The central nervous system is highly complex.It is constantly changing.
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Web presentation

The website I discovered when searching for interactive learning material on the web is called explorelearning ( and the program is called Gizmo.  Gizzmo includes a great deal of useful information and activities for teachers and students.  You can search activities by grade, subject, topic, state correlation, textbook correlation, or by lists of collections.  You are provided with detailed instructions as to how to set up your classroom, add classes and enroll students.  The benefit of using Gizmo in the classroom is that it is designed to help students develop a deep lasting understanding of key concepts in math and science through inquiry and exploration by offering features such as:  dynamic visualization, data gathering and calculation tools, inquiry learn
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Science Education - Learning in the Midst of Practice

During the summer of 2008, Paul Grobstein, Wil Franklin, Luisana Taveras, a rising sophomore at Bryn Mawr College, and Julia Lewis, a rising senior majoring in Chemistry and Bryn Mawr College, will be thinking about science education and trying out ideas in a summer institute program with K-12 teachers. These forums are a place for ongoing thinking by the four of them, and any one else interested. To contribute your thoughts, use the forum entry form at the bottom of this and other forum pages. Postings will be checked to prevent spam and so may be
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 neurons neurons

Learning about neurotransmitters and their function was heipful.It's going to enhance my teaching with regards to weblinks and interactiveness.The receptors are inhibitory or excitatory that activates the pattern of action potential.The internal systems are important.The synapses are part of the spinal cord.The neurons are chemicals and acts as acomputer.What a cable!

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Using student output

I found the discussion on the importance of using students’ output to affect your teaching and their learning quite useful. It is often falsely presumed that we are to be solely influencing our students in the classroom, but in reality, if we’re not being influenced by our students’ output, then we are not teaching to our full potential. The reason we give students tests, projects, homework and any other kind of assessment is to receive feedback from their performance that we then use to judge their understanding. If they are not performing up to par, we should then use that data to analyze what areas they need help in or what topics we should cover again.
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