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Brain Behavior Institute - Session 5



Neurons and Nervous System Architecture:

Autonomy, Variability, Feedback, and Exploration




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Differences in gender make boys and girls learn differently

I am seriously considering all that happens with my students' behaviors. My girls appear to be milder in behavior than my boys and they get better grades too.

  • From research according to an article :Mars and Venus in the classroom,

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Interactive Games & Projects

Interactive Game Websites:


Science Project Ideas:

Tunde talked about how his high school was trying out a new approach to mentoring children by having each faculty member be responsible for looking after 10 students. This made me think about teachers can do this in their own classroom, especially elementary schools when a student stays in the same classroom for the most part.

I think giving take-home science projects can reflect how

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From Tree to Paper

To introduce paper making to students you may want to show them a video that you can download for free. Allowing children to actually make pulp and use it to make paper to write a note to their parents, just click below:


How paper is made,video:

click here

Lesson plans for paper making

  1. pulp making
  2. sheet formation
  3. recycing paper

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Adi Flesher's Blog

My name is Adi Flesher. I am among other things, a curious free-lance educator.

I am currently working on developing resources for learning about the mind. I believe that one of the best ways to help people grow and be happy is to get them to closely examine the way that their mind (and brain) work.

My work is influenced by my time working in informal education at a leadership oriented summer camp. I believe that education must be experiential to be effective.

I am also influenced by my time living and working on a Buddhist retreat center. I am fascinated by the intersection between the subjective investigation undertaken in meditation and the subjective/objective investigation of science.

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The Ultimate Scientist.

For some time I have been having some raging thoughts in me about the conflict that exists between the idea of the almighty and everlasting God who created everything and scientific theory of evolution.

I'm beginning to come up with thoughts that can amalgamate the two. The most probable solution to this problem or let me say confusion is to accept the fact that God is the ultimate scientist who gives us ideas out of His infinite stock (which we refer to as discoveries and inventions) in bits and pieces whenever he wants. This is strictly at His discretion.

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Brain Based Education

“Skulls and School Boxes: Student Brains That Want Out”Teen Brain Movement 

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An Introduction to Carol Israel

Understanding me and my interests involves knowing that for 23 years, I have worked at Phillips Academy in Andover, Ma.

Phillips Academy is a residential, independent high school for high achieving adolescents. Click here for a look at my office, my colleagues, and our departmental course offerings.

This past year, a colleague of mine who is a molecular biologist and I have developed and begun to teach an interdisciplinary course entitled "The Brain and You: A User's Guide". Here is a description of this course:

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Brain and Behavior the Next Dimension


What's new in my Brain!

Split Brain Interactive game

Hello! My name is Judy and we are about to enter the world of the interactive brain!


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