Evolution and Literature Web Paper 2

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Evolution and Conservation of Meaning

Evolution and Conservation of Meaning

by Katie Randall

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The Evolution of Social Changes and Dynamics

If Darwinian evolution is about the biological changes that species and other organisms undergo to be able to physically and physiologically adapt to their environment, then one could say that communities of people have also, collectively and as separate groups, evolved socially over time. Indeed, since Darwin came out with his theory on the gradual evolution of the species 150 years ago, huge social changes have been made by man as a result of the phenomenal discoveries and inventions he made, particularly during the last century: the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, the computer, electricity, and so forth.

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What Might Dennett Help Us Conclude about the Purpose of Story-Telling?

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A bit of Fiction

            His limbs began to tighten and contract, running and running, pumping legs one in front

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It's a Sexual R(Evolution)

It's a Sexual R(Evolution), Baby... 

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What's Your Story?

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Trunk Show

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Zounds, Skyhooks, and Bootyliscious: The Evolution of Words

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Evolution of Freedom

The piano is an amazing instrument. The play of masterful fingers over ivory keys produces everything from jazz to Tchaikovsky, and a great musician coaxes from the otherwise silent vessel unimaginable beauty. It is for this reason I resent being called a piano key.

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