Evolution and Literature Web Paper 2

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Evolution and the Construction of Knowledge

The definition and origin of knowledge is a complex question that cuts across many academic disciplines such as Psychology,Education, Philosophy and Biology and raises many questions.  Where does knowledge come from?  Do our brains truly create newknowledge or simply reproduce what we have seen, been taught andexperienced?  What is the best wayto pass knowledge on to future generations?  These are complex questions without a definitive answer.  Over time, many peoplehave expressed extremely different ideas about knowledge.  However, one constant seems to be the changein views on both the origin and nature of knowledge in an almost evolutionary process.

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Evolution of Fashion: Clothing as a Means of Class Distinction

The continual adoption of new fashions among the many styles of available clothing is similar to Darwin's theory of natural selection.  The driving force for fashion change is the need for social groups to express their unique identity through clothing, which fostered the rise of the fashion industry in the Industrial Age. Fashion culture has always been defined by change, its constant search for the newest design, which gives it a formal similarity with other systems that rely on continuous innovation (Purdy 1). Clothing, and more generally, style, can be important non-verbal representations of an individual's status in society.

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