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Synesthesia and Perception

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Making Sense of the World (and Oneself)


From Five Senses Through Synesthesia and Beyond
prepared in association with an exhibit at the Painted Bride
Paul Grobstein
April 2009


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Science and art, art and science, and .... life

My old colleague and friend Eric Raimy posted some interesting thoughts in Facebook recently.   Some excerpts for those who can't get there directly, followed by some thoughts of my own ...

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For those of you who want to jump immediately into reading the dialogues, feel free. For readers who would like an introduction, of sorts, to the project, read the prologue first.
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My Feminism in Pictures

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Pic 1

Pic 1 out of 5
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anorexia athletica: a new way to think of over exercising


Leigh Raphael

September 29, 2008

Anorexia Athletica