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Image and Metaphor: Alice James Revisited


At the beginning of this semester in House of Wits, I was amazed by how struck I was by Alice James’ diary. I immediately felt an inexplicable affinity with Alice, her commonplace book-cum-diary, and her infectious use of language. It was one of the first times that I explicitly recall feeling such camaraderie with an author, let alone one who penned her only published work (excluding her letters) nearly 120 years ago.

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Imaging And The Question of Consciousness - Paper


Discussion Paper – Imaging and Consciousness

            Pick up a newspaper, and you will discover an amazing thing: we are living in the future. The for-real future of jet-packs, ray-guns, and mind reading. Our revolutionary imaging technology can determine what memories you are accessing, what shapes you are seeing, the degree to which a decade of happy hour has smoothed your prefrontal cortex, and whether or not you associate the face of John Edwards with a particularly debauched collection of short stories. So it would seem, anyway.

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Captain Walter Arnold, Subjectively Realized


For this project, I took one of what Gertrude Stein calls her “plays,” and considered what would happen if I were to try to stage and direct it. After reading through it, I attempted to break it down into characters, lines, and to imagine a setting in which it would logically take place.

But first, let’s look at “Captain Walter Arnold” just the way Gertrude Stein wrote it, without any additional directions from me.


Captain Walter Arnold

By Gertrude Stein


Do you mean to please me.

I do.

Do you have any doubt of the value of food and water.

I have not.

Can you recollect any example of easy repetition.

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What Happens When the Brain "Farts" and Why Does It Matter?

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.”

Mary Oliver


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Wallowing in Winter SAD-ness

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The Eyes Have It: A look at EMDR

“How do you feel today?” my therapist asks me at the start of our session.
“Anxious,” I reply.
“Want to try some EMDR?”
I shrug. “OK.”
It’s not like anything else has helped to ease my social anxiety, except for psychopharmaceuticals.
“What’s EMDR?”

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Storytelling through Serials - How and Why?


I think it would be an interesting idea for us to study serial fiction as a genre.

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