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Fall, 2008

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A Final Paper, or, A Generic Experiment: Epilogue, or ...

Epilogue, or, whatever you call it when a smart mentally-ill student who has issues with authority and with deadlines, and who is fed up with dragging zhirself along like this, totally cops out and doesn’t put nearly as much work into zhir final paper as everyone else in the class, because zhe’s pretty sure zhe can get away with it with this professor (just don’t tell zhir dean), but wants to justify zhir brattiness somehow (and how distracting were those third-gender pronouns I made up for myself?).


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A Final Paper, or, A Generic Experiment [version 3]

[this space represents the traditional academic paper which I am fully capable of writing, but which I simply could not be bothered to do.]

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A Final Paper, or, A Generic Experiment [version 2]

Spent a day trapped in my own head, relieved by one brief phone conversation, and no writing. It is extraordinarily difficult to care about tactics in academic writing, when one is so utterly self-centered. I’m in some kind of waiting room, metaphorically speaking, and only a very narrow slice of the rest of the world exists to me. Audience, what audience? The writer is alive and kicking (and crying, and going for walks at 3 am, and at 6 am, and spending whole days getting nothing accomplished, and playing with hot wax, and setting up a printer, and getting to the grocery store ten minutes before it closes, and fooling around with the Tarot, and
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A Final Paper, or, A Generic Experiment [version 1]


May 21, 2008

(The last line makes me laugh. No, no, don’t skip ahead. But speaking of genres. And if you don’t think it’s funny, it’s because of all the things you don’t know.)


Creativity, Brain, Indeterminacy

Creativity, the Mind, and the Brain:
From Van Gogh to Indeterminacy and Beyond
Geetanjali Vaidya
December 2007 
This paper was prepared as a senior thesis in biology at Bryn Mawr College, and is made available to encourage continuing explorations of the nature and significance of of creativity.   Comments and continuing discussion are welcome in the on-line forum at the end of this paper.  
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Existence with the Volume Down


The Incident:

On a Friday afternoon, not too long ago, I experienced a new level of perception. This occurred during an episode of nausea and acute pain that the doctor wrote off as “a bad reaction to an antibiotic”. It was the neurological symptoms I experienced during that time which generated a valuable experience:

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