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Emotions: Their Origins and Definitions

             Emotions are a vital part of our lives.  They increase human interaction and allow us to express our feelings to those around us.  But where do emotions come from? How do we interpret a situation which makes us happy or sad? If the definition of emotion varies, then how does this affect the treatment of patients with emotional disorders such as depression?

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Cultures of ability

"Culture as Disability," a 1995 essay by Ray McDermott and Hervé Varenne has been on my mind for more than a decade.  In it, McDermott and Varenne argue compellingly (for me at least) that human cultures have interrelated bright and dark sides.  By promulgating stories about what individuals in a given culture should aspire to, cultures provide individuals with a sense of motivation and achievement,  The same stories, however, also "disable" other individuals, by setting standards of achievement which they, for one reason or another, can't adequately satisfy.

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A Nighttime Scene: Katharine and Alice in Bed

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Transcript of the First Annual Bedroom Debates


Hello and welcome to the first annual 2010 Bedroom Debates! I’m Arielle Seidman, and I’ll be your host for a fascinating few pages of reclined repartee!

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On beyond a critical stance

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I will meet you there ... Jelaluddin Rumi

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Travels with Ian Hacking

Brought to you by The Slippery Brain Sodality

 Mad Travelers: Reflections on the Reality of Transient Mental Illnesses

by Ian Hacking


Neurobiology and Behavior, Spring, 2010, Home Page

Welcome to the home page of Biology 202 at Bryn Mawr College. Pleased to have you here. I'm looking forward to an interesting,enjoyable, productive semester of "getting it less wrong", and hope you are too. Let's have some fun, and see what we can all make out of it together.


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Beauty and the Botox Beast

Beauty and the Botox Beast

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Love: A Narcotic High?

Love: A Narcotic High?


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