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Instinct to Die

Instinct to Die

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The Relationship Between Chronic Stress and Poverty

Mental Health and the Brain: Working Group, Feb 16

Mental Health and the Brain Working Group:

February 16th, Organizational meeting/continuing discussion
Synopsis and forum for continuing discussion

Thoughts welcomed in the on-line forum below.


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Brain and Behavior: Book suggestions

Brain and Behavior

Book suggestions

(a supplement to Serendip's Brain and Behavior materials
and a Neurobiology and Behavior course;
suggestions for additions welcome in the on-line forum area below;
see also Serendip's Bookshelves for more books and commentaries)


N. Andreasen, The Creative Brain, 2006

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A Case Study of Depression

Julia Lewis

Learning from Asperger's

Learning from "From the Inside":
Being on the Spectrum

Paul Grobstein
December 2008

Excerpts from and comments on Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robison (Crown Publishers, 2007)


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Are You Anxious or Sad? If So, Probably Both

Between the top two most common mental illnesses in the US are anxiety and mood disorders, which includes depression. Often a depressed person will suffer from anxiety, but more often still an anxious person suffers from depression. However, anxiety and depression, while intricately entwined, are not one and the same. This paper aims to explore each and the relationship between the two mental disorders.

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