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Storytelling as Inquiry: Course Schedule

College Seminar
Bryn Mawr College
Story Telling as Inquiry
Fall 2007

Course Schedule

I. Reading and Revising One's Self
T, 9/4

Introduction to the course

Connecting Past and Present (and Future?)




By the end of the morning, I began to intertwine
the previous days' discussions with today's...

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I am trying to find out which animals are native to the City of Philadelphia. From my own experience I know that the ground species are gray squirrels, raccoons, opossums, field rats, field mice, deer, rabbits, garter snakes, groundhogs, and chipmunks.

Online I found that the PA Game Commission has held seminars this summer to discuss animals native to this area. I know the game commission officer who led the workshop, so I plan to contact him for details.  

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Some Theory about Science and a Sense of Place

Some Theory about "Science and a Sense of Place"

Randal Holly, last summer's institute:
"What aspects of their world do our kids care about?
What would it distress them to lose? (Anything made of marble...??)
Can we use that as an incentive to learn?"

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