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  Hello! I am Jacqueline (aka merlin). I had never quite caught onto the texting craze before entering college, and now seem to text endlessly because "all my friends do it." How frustrating it seems that some parents will just never be able to understand how sending 1500 messages in one month is even physically possible "Dad, 1500 isn't even that many compared to everyone else! It takes you 20 minutes to send just ONE" Long story short, the advent of the cell phone and the text message has been very important to my social and even sometimes academic world. It proves useful for the quick and efficient transmission of knowledge and information.

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Medical Information and the Internet

        With the age of information technology upon us, the methods people use to search for information is drastically changing. One of the most influential causes of this change has been the Internet. Information that has historically been difficult to access, or was only accessible to certain individuals, is now available to the general public in a matter of seconds. While the benefits and consequences of the Internet have been widespread, one sector that has been significantly impacted is health care, thanks to newly available medical information. 

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How To Kill Creative Art

How To Kill Creative Art

 Amanda Fortner


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Mini-Project: "Is That All There Is? (Science as an Exploration of Education and Life as Open Ended

Let's Begin.           Some years have passed but I am able to recall being in a high school Science class and being expected to perform an experiment within a group.  We were expected to determine the "correct answers" to the questions at the end of the lesson.  These questions were intended as tests to determine if we properly performed each experiment correctly, according to predetermined written directions.  Some questions were essay and some were multiple choice.                                 

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a multitude of narratives

it's a boy!

"When you find movement in your life again, I suggest rollerskating in your underwear!"

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Disconnection Between Brain and Computer Connections

 “The Brain—is wider than the Sky—

For—put them side by side—

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Americanitis: The Trappings of Modernity

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“An Artificial and Most Complicated World”: Reading and Writing the Brain

“From the very start, the brain’s capacity for making new connections shows itself… as regions originally designed for other functions – particularly vision, motor, and multiple aspects of language – learn to interact with increasing speed. By the time a child is seven or eight, the beginning decoding brain illustrates both how much the young brain accomplishes and how far we have evolved… These three major distribution regions will be the foundation across all phases of reading for basic decoding, even though an increasing fluency… adds an interesting caveat to the unfolding portrait of the reading brain.” (1)

-Maryanne Wolf


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Even though we're finished with blogs...



This is a really interesting article about a famous Chinese blogger, his blog, and censorship.  I think it's worth reading, and it goes with what we did during the first half of the semester.

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Storytelling through Serials - How and Why?


I think it would be an interesting idea for us to study serial fiction as a genre.

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