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Brain Behavior Institute 2008 - Session 1



Being a Scientist/Explorer/Creator (Theory)
Starting Wherever We Are, To Get it Less Wrong, Together

Getting to know each others' stories

Computers and Education: Teaching Virtuality

Between Reality and the Virtual:
Education in the 21st Century


Paul Grobstein
23 June 2008

(notes for a talk in the Computer Science Education Summer Institute)

Questions to start

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I'm in UR Internetz, Revolutionizin' UR Genres

I'm in UR Internetz, Revolutionizin' UR Genres


How many telegrams did you send when you had to dictate them over the phone to a  

   Western Union operator? How many emails do you send now that you can clatter them      

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The Blogging Genre: Identity, Anonymity, and Consistency—Why We Blog

Recently, a new genre has been receiving the attention of internet users: the weblog. Using blogs, we can filter out the facts of our offline world and develop a new online external identity. This paper will discuss the nature, use-value, and appeal of this online external identity, discuss the importance of the consistency of the external self-both online and offline, review the relevance of the unverified information in blogs, and talk about how anonymity affects the way we perceive our own identity. Additionally, I hope to shed some light on the blog as an emerging genre and talk about what the blog's worldwide success reveals about human nature and psychology (and vice versa).


The Blog

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