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Creating a Productive Space: A Guide to Extra-Classroom Teaching


Allison Jones

This paper offers a step-by-step advice on how to be effective in extra-classroom teaching.

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The Extra-Classroom Teacher and Self-Assessment


Christina Gubitosa

This paper presents the importance of self-assessment as an extra-classroom teacher.

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Teaching is SO Much More Than Lesson Plans and Getting it Right

Heather Davis

Heather provides her insight and reflections in experiencing complicated situations as an extra-classroom teacher.

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Classroom Aides – how can they be most useful?

Elena Darling-Hammond


"In this entry I will discuss strategies for classroom aides. I first discuss my own experiences as and aide in an elementary special education classroom and what I learned during the process. I will then discuss ways in which I think teachers and aides can make the class room experience beneficial for all." 

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The Worst-Case Scenario Handbook: Mentor's Edition

Sandra Gandarez and Julia Vance
The following chapter consists of excerpts from students working as mentors discussing issues they faced in their unique placements. A variety of solutions are considered through the lens of readings addressing the issues in a broader sense.
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Approach and Attitude: Ideas Behind Being an Impactful Mentor

Alison Crawford

This essay talks about ideas for improvement as a mentor using as example the Empowering Learners Partnerships.

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