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Chorost & a Continuation of Teknolust

Our in class conversation on Monday with author Michael Chorost's skype was certainly dynamic. Although I enjoyed the topics discussed, I found that at one point I asked the wrong question and didn't get the more appropriate one across. If I could get the chance to speak with Chorost again, I'd ask him the following:

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Exploring Boundaries: Fences, Not Walls

 David Harris


This paper takes on the idea of boundaries in education, and why they should be viewed as fences rather than walls.

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Oliver Sacks: An Anthropologist on Mars

    Oliver Sacks’ novel, An Anthropologist on Mars, contains seven fascinating and strange neurobiological stories that explore unique perceptions and experiences of both the world and oneself in the world. The first tale, “The Colorblind Painter”, is about Jonathan I., a painter who, after an accident, lost his ability to perceive color in the world, his memories, and even his dreams. He could not remember what color ever looked like (the entire concept was obliterated from his brain), yet, intriguingly, it was determined that he could discriminate wavelengths of light.

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Exploring Science Education and the Brain in a K-12 Setting

Exploring Science Education and the Brain in K-12 Schools:

A Praxis III Study
Emily Lovejoy

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Encouraging Productive Discussion: Suggestions for Extra-Classroom Facilitators

Susanna Farahat

Susanna gives good advice on how to be an effective extra-classroom discussion facilitator. 

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Teaching is SO Much More Than Lesson Plans and Getting it Right

Heather Davis

Heather provides her insight and reflections in experiencing complicated situations as an extra-classroom teacher.

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