Incorporating Student Experiences

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Exploring Science Education and the Brain in a K-12 Setting

Exploring Science Education and the Brain in K-12 Schools:

A Praxis III Study
Emily Lovejoy

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Brain and Inquiry: Praxis III

Brain and Inquiry: Praxis III Independent Study

Researcher: Brielle Stark, Bryn Mawr College '12

Research Questions:

  • Are open-ended activities engaging to students?
  • Do open-ended activities transfer knowledge to students?
  • Is there a difference between teacher and student perceptions of open-ended activities?


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Taking the Time


Becky Strattan

This essay focuses on the concept of ignorance and how one can overcome it by being aware of other people's different points of view than one's very own.

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Don’t Let Formal Education Get in the Way of Learning


Rachel Francois

A great paper on adding a cultural perspective in the traditional education system in order to make the curriculum interesting to students.


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