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Approach and Attitude: Ideas Behind Being an Impactful Mentor

Alison Crawford

This essay talks about ideas for improvement as a mentor using as example the Empowering Learners Partnerships.

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The Ultimate Cross-Cultural Mentoring Partnership Challenge

by Grace Kung 

"In this section of the Handbook, I will explore the inner conflict student mentors may face when working with adult learners.  This chapter offers student mentors a suggested step-by-step guide for how to handle emotional struggles arising in a cross-cultural mentoring partnership." 

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The Importance of Engaging Students’ Interest in their Learning

by Akua Peprah

A mentor is more effective in teaching when he/she manages to incorporate students' interests in the lectures. 

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Unconscious and Uncomfortable Learning

 by Catherine Curry

Learning goes beyond its traditional meaning - learning happens also when the mentor find itself in an uncomfortable or confusing situation. The author draws on persona experience from Bryn Mawr's Praxis program.

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On negotiating difference: When your goals and the learner’s goals collide

by Alexandra Martinez

The question in this essay is - when should a mentor try to push a learner to study more than he or she desires?


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Framing Differences, Systems, and Assumptions in the TLI

by Melinda Canter

This essay tackles outside issues that can challenge mentoring partnerships like TLI.


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Turning to the Handbook: Can Extra-Classroom Teaching and Learning Take Place in the Classroom?

by Ben Green

Ben's reflection has a "before and after" organization, and talks about creating a mentor-mentee relationship.


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Documentation in Community Learning

by Becky Miller

The essay talks about tutoring in the position of a peer writing consultant by employing the example of Bryn Mawr's Writing Center.


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Are School Systems and Curriculum Units Failing to Promote Learning that is Greater than Just a Reach for a Passing Grade?

by Elizabeth Koelmel

A strong paper on a prevalent trend throughout schools: many students learn to get the passing grade. How can the learning process be empowered to signify more than just grades?


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