GIST Web Paper 2

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Pris & the Defintion of "Human"





female cyborg/human


"Human is not a fixed concept, but a construction constantly under challenge and revision" (cited in Hayles's How We Think).

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Knowing Margaret Sanger: Do You Have Your Information Right?

I am hopeless with technology, so I could not figure out how to embed the slideshow I made.
Here is the link - enjoy!  To go to the next slide, just click on the arrow that appear on the right of the slide.

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If Only We Knew: The Science of Prediction







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Watson: A Gendered Robot?


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Ghosts in the Machine: Mary Shelley on Conceiving Ada

For the second webpaper, I have written an imaginary interview with Mary Shelley, discussing the film Conceiving Ada. Based on our experiences with the panels this week, I thought it would be interesting to use technology to contrast a historical perspective with an imaginative one.

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Amelia Earhart’s Most Infamous Solo Flights Revisited


                                          Mercator Projection Map

                                    Mercator Projection Map

Eckert IV Projection Map

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Rosie, a Discussion Panel




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Character Building in the Digital Humanities

Note: When the list of papers went up I realized I accidentally just put this in the GIST paper category to start with on the Thursday before break. Changed it to the Web Paper 2 category on Thursday 10th March. I knew I screwed up somewhere with this! If it's too far past the deadline that's fine...


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Dynamic Constellation

Dynamic constellation
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