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Objective vs. Personal - Academic Writing for Evaluation

Dawn Hathaway

December 8, 2008

Critical Feminist Studies

Professor Anne Dalke

“Objective” vs. Personal – Academic Writing for Evaluation

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Inclusive Curriculums: A Case Study

Thucydides, one ofthe earliest historians, built his historical studies around the “politicaltower”, which dealt with the study of “great men, the church, government, [and]politics” (Arnold 33, 41).  Writingthousands of years after Thucydides, in her essay “Interactive Phases ofCurricular Perspective”, Peggy McIntosh proposes different ways to studyhistory.  Using the refinement ofwomen’s role within the discipline of history as an example of ways in which tomake curriculum’s more inclusive, McIntosh notes five stages of curriculumdevelopment, which range from women being left out of history, to women (andeveryone) being included in history (McIntosh 3).

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A Response to a Picture and a High School Class

Sarah Sherman


Intro to Crit Fem Studies


How Should Feminism be Best Represented?

My Response to a Picture and High School



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feminism in movies

feminism in movies

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Rethinking the Haverford College Chemistry Department: Curriculum and Teaching Methods

This paper is an exploration of changing the Haverford chemistry reuqirements for a major form a feminist perspective. It is an experiment!
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For Emily Dickinson

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Does Bryn Mawr College Foster Elitism in its Students?

From a class discussion in Introduction to Critical Feminist Studies I, a student at Bryn Mawr College, became interested in the possibility of the attitude of elitism not only existing on campus among students but also being fostered by faculty, administration and other influential people at the college. The Compact Oxford English Dictionary gives as a definition of elitism: "noun 1 the belief that a society or system should be run by an elite. 2 the superior attitude or behaviour associated with an elite (elitism)." From this I gathered that I was more interested in the first definition and that I needed to know what 'an elite' was. The same dictionary
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Learning from My Experiences: A New Model for Early Education

Kendalyn Brown

Anne Dalke

Critical Feminist Studies

8 December 2008

Learning from My Experiences: A New Model for Early Education

Introductory Thoughts:

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When the classroom leaves the mainstream



When the classroom leaves the mainstream

An exploration of alternative education as a feminist practice 

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