Critical Feminist Studies Web Paper 3

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Cultural Revision of Organic Chemistry Laboratory

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Words Vs. Graphics

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What Does It Mean to Be Feminist in the Classroom?

There is no universal answer to this question. The aim of examining what “feminism” looks like in the classroom inherently necessitates a stated, coherent definition of the word. “Feminism in the classroom” would not look the same among (a hypothetical group of) teachers who define themselves exactly alike in various categories—age, sex, gender, sexual preference, race, geographic location, political stance, cultural affiliation, etc. ad infinitum—let alone among the multi-faceted diversity of actual teachers. With each individual, a new definition of feminism emerges; with each new definition, a new way of enacting feminism in

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Liz Lemon's Feminism

Sarah Kaufman
Critical Feminist Studies Web Paper #3

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Haverford, Bryn Mawr, and the Bee Hive

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Critical Feminist Studies Paper #3: Feminism and Healthcare

Katie Scire 

Intro Critical Feminist Paper # 3 


                                              Feminism and Health Care 


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A New Proposal?

Obviously, this draft isn’t quite six pages long, as it should have been by this point. This is because I had originally started with a completely different topic, but eventually realized it was not what I wanted to do (for a number of reasons, it was just not the right time or place for me to explore the questions I was posing for myself in the way I was hoping to do so). I’m certainly going to read more and expand on the ideas I’m talking about here, so this draft is really more of a second proposal than a draft… but well, this is what I have at the moment, and I figure I should at least post that much...

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Getting It Together

So my paper is extremely late because the task at hand seems completely daunting. I want to do the actual text of The Golden Notebook justice by exploring it in its own right, but there is an incredible amount of relevant external theory and social context to explore.

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