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I think, therefore
I think I am,
Or so I thought.
But maybe not.
I am what
I do what
I feel what
I think.
But I think that is really
A tenuous link.


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second thought

There is some interesting play here between past and present in the phrases I think and I thought.  How does one's thinking change over time?  If existence is dependent upon thinking, can one think themselves out of existence?  Or can one think themselves into a different existence?  

There are a lot of lines starting with I; they lend the poem a hypnotic quality.  The repetition of sentence structure implies to me a sort of stuckness akin to stillness.  

The use of color in the font and background is interesting as this is a poem with no imagery, nothing concrete in words, only in its image.  I can see Halloween or fall themed colors here.  Color and changing color as a sign of the change of seasons.  Change is backgrounded in this poem, literally.  What is foregrounded and expressed in words is stillness and perhaps a desire for change?

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I don't know if one can think

I don't know if one can think themselves out of existence or into a different existence, but how can we really be sure our thoughts even exist? 

After reading about and trying to comprehend quantum physics (I don't really) I became even less sure anything is as it seems. Or whether or not anything truly "exists". Or something like that. I started writing down some thoughts about all this. It was all fragments. This came together out of some of the fragments. There are many more pieces that will hopefully come together in another related poem soon.

The word "I" appears in this short poem nine times but since the poem is about the existence (or nonexistence) of "I"  it seemed appropriate to me. As to the color choices, there really wasn't any intentional meaning or message behind the colors, I just picked colors that felt right at the time. I'm not sure if there was any subconscious message. I like your interpretation though.

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first thought

In her book, Teaching Critical Thinking, bell hooks writes that “[r]ather than assuming, “I think therefore I am,” I like to think I am because the story is.  The stories I tell about who I am constitute the me of me-as-I-see-it as I tell it.”

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