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Serendip's forums sometimes get longer than what can conveniently be accessed and displayed. They are, at the same time, in their entirety an important part of what Serendip has become at any given time (and, of course, particular contributions may well be of lasting significance). To try and balance needs for easy display and those of continuous and permanent record, only this year's forum comments are displayed on this page with earlier comments being preserved elsewhere. To go to the forum for prior years, click on the year below.

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Name: Paul Grobstein
Username: pgrobste@brynmawr.edu
Subject: Evolving
Date: Fri Oct 29 11:50:09 EDT 1999

To all visitors:

Serendip was born in 1994, and developed forums in 1996. The forums have been and continue to be a place where everyone is invited to make comments, ask questions, and carry on conversations about anything and everything that comes to mind when exploring Serendip. As such, they have been and continue to be an essential part of Serendip's development. At the same time, any developing organism needs periodically to refresh itself. The past remains but is put in boxes to clear the mind for the next part of the future. So have we done, as of today, with Serendip's forums. All past material is still available, by clicking on highlighted years above to access forum archives. And we have, as of today, a blank slate for the next phase of Serendip's development. If you have been here in the past, you're already a part of what Serendip has become so far. Please leave your thoughts as part of the next phase of Serendip's life. And if you're new, please join in as well.

Name: anonymous
Date: Tue Dec 14 16:51:18 EST 1999
I have suffered "something" in a car accident in Oct. 1994 and have become unable to keep a job ( i've lost 5 jobs in 5 years after the accident. The Dorctors say I have become Bi-Polar or Manic Depressed or Post Traumatic Stressed. I want to be used as a subject for someone needing to do a Thesis or paper.The Doctors say there is a new unexplored area called "post Concussion Sydrome" and "Mild Traumatic Brain Injury' information is not easily found anywhere. I would like to do this to help others from going through what I've been through. I've gone from a $50k a year job to making minimum wage in 5 years and believe me that's not menapause. Contact me at:Jan Johnson (530)589-4922, P>O>Box 206, Berry Creek, CA 95916 and I will contact you back. Thank you.
Name: Paul Elswick
Username: pbe@ix.netcom.com
Subject: William James
Date: Wed Dec 22 14:06:58 EST 1999
In William James' essay "Does Consciousness Exist?" in his Essays in Radical Empiricism, the author seems to write out of the blue that "...the stream of thinking (which I recognize emphatically as a phenomenon) is only a carless name for what, when scrutinized, reveals itsself to consist chiefly of the stream of my breathing." Can anyone explain this statement to me, in the context of James' general ideas about consciousness? Or, perhaps, point me elswhere in James where he expands upon this notion? Please email me, if you know.
Name: govindarajan.p
Username: govindarajan.p@usa.net
Subject: consciousness
Date: Tue Jan 4 13:23:01 EST 2000
P.Govindarajan (Yatindradasa)
16,R.B.I. Colony,
Jayanagar III Block (East),
Banagalore 560 011 (INDIA)

Dear Sir,
The phenomenon of consciousness has defied the comprehension of scientists, philosophers and theologians. A lot of good work has been done in India by two great philosophers of medieval times, which has not come to the notice of the psychologists and scientists. I am forwarding herewith a detailed write-up on consciousness based on the works of these eminent philosophers for your kind consideration and comments, if any.

The accompanying write-up was too lengthy for this forum area, and so has been removed. The conclusion is provided below. Serendip visitors interested in seeing the full text are invited to contact the writer by mail or email at the addresses given above.


Life and consciousness, which are highly subtle, are different from the gross body. If energy can combine with matter in man-made machines, there is little wonder if life and consciousness combine with the gross body to activate it. No psychologist and no philosopher in the world has devoted so much attention to the phenomenon of consciousness as the two medieval philosophers Sri Yamuna and Sri Ramanuja. This write-up is largely based on the writings of these two great teachers. Scientists or philosophers interested in learning more about consciousness are requested to go through the treatises entitled Atma Siddhi and Sri Bhshya of Sri Yamuna and Sri Ramanuja respectively.

Name: Joseph Schmailia
Subject: Descartes
Date: Mon Mar 20 20:30:23 EST 2000
While Rene Descartes did indeed make very important contributions to the field of psychology, it is important not to overlook his contributions in the field of mathematics. He did, after all, invent the coordinate system.
Name: Russ
Username: rustygiro@hotmail.com
Subject: Descartes
Date: Mon Apr 3 05:51:31 EDT 2000
All this is too much 4 me :p my brain has gone into overload - anyone who can help me desifer this guy plz email me : rustygiro@hotmail.com
Name: Rhonda
Username: bwalke20@bellsouth.net
Subject: Wearing a seatbelt should or shouldnot be the Law ?
Date: Sun Apr 30 14:45:57 EDT 2000
Injuries occur more often if drivers do not wear a seatbelt. Wearing a seatbelt should be the law. Wearing a seatbelt can prevent serious injuries that may cause death.People haven't realize that they need to put on their seatbelt at all times. A person should put on the seatbelt before starting the engine of the vechicle. Drivers that pratice to put on a seatbelt before turning the ignition, and making sure the passengers are placed in their seatbelts are usaully responsible drivers. A responsible driver can save the life of a child. A trustworthy driver should protect a child who can not think for himself. A child depends on the adult for his safety on the dangerous highways. Some adults do not take this in to consideration, that the child can is not mature enough to think logically about the dangers on the highways in America. That's why people in America need to be more responsible adults and protect their children. A Person who drives a car daily is always at high risk for an accident. People need to be more careful,and use all precautions necessary to save their lives while traveling. If anyone has an opinion please feel free to e-mail me.
Name: ray
Username: sisiphys@hotmail.com
Date: Mon Jun 26 22:54:03 EDT 2000
hi, mind/body,spirit/matter,body/soul,black/white,negative/positive,yin/yang girl/boy,art/life,public/private,drunk/sober,awake/asleep,male/female, god/man,inside/outside....does'nt it all seem a little too simplistic?
Name: Nick
Username: tchi@farmersweekly.net
Subject: the www and the growth of the collective conscience
Date: Sun Aug 13 05:11:40 EDT 2000
"for every individual conciousness there exists a seperate reality, the individual conscious creates it's own instance of reality, dependant upon the configuration of it's browser." least thats what I rekon !! If anyone can explain this to me I would be most grateful, I have some fairly developed Philosophical thoughts, however, these have been developed in isolation. having spent the last decade in the Military. Please drop round for a chat, have a look round my Garden. www.unclenicksgarden.co.uk Many thanks, I'll be back !!
Name: s.soundararajan
Username: innamburan@hotmail.com
Subject: Reflection
Date: Sat Sep 30 14:02:26 EDT 2000
I had been searching for sites of SERENDIP'S calibre and commitment to articulate my developing views on various issues. On the spur of the moment,more with a view to be 'in', I have chosenn this subject. Reflections,echoed by a child's comments, on what parents and others think was beyaond its comprehension,are my interest. for instance, 'I did not sit in your lap 'for ages'.
Name: CM
Username: crazeeeeeem@yahoo.com
Subject: Require direction
Date: Sat Nov 11 11:39:28 EST 2000
I recall in dim memory somewhere that people associate an event with some experience if that experience occurs within close proximity of that event. Can someone point me in the direction of that research
Name: enfant perdus
Subject: descarte
Date: Tue Nov 21 07:58:33 EST 2000
Was it Descarte who said reality is a dream? And in what exact words did he say that? A simple question from a simple person.
Name: anonymous
Username: test
Subject: test
Date: Tue Nov 21 14:10:39 EST 2000
Name: lindy
Username: lindypat@ozemail.com.au
Subject: William James
Date: Fri Jan 5 21:41:08 EST 2001
Hi.This is the first time I have accessed Serendip.It has led to my reading about William James and the connection between[if connection is the term,I think not perhaps]Biological Consciousness and Transcendent Experience.a new vista has opened out in front of me. I am doing a project on the encoding and decoding[for the audience]of contemplative experience in abstract painting. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in either posting some interesting ideas on this site,or corresponding via email with me on the topic,or closely related topics?
Name: anonymous
Subject: mind
Date: Thu Jan 25 00:38:22 EST 2001
I have been trying to figure out what the mind is - and have simply come up with one explanation. It is a G-d given gift that is not attainable. It can not be explained or dissected. It is there to help us get through this life, it is our connection to eternal life . . .
Name: Jailed thinker
Date: Thu Jan 25 00:52:46 EST 2001
I read Paul Grobsteins ideas on thinking - and I agree TOTALLY with him. It could explain why I do not enjoy college, and why I just don't care anymore and why nothing interests me anymore. All my life I have been geting great grades - graduated highschool with honors- accepted to a very well-known college - but for WHAT??? I feel as if I haven't learned anything which is really sad to say. It's funny, cause professors start the first day of their class with interesting thoughts, intriguing questions - which gets me so enthusiastic - "Oh, this is great, I can let my mind go loose and free. It will be allowed to think on its own and not have guidelines - but WHAM, they slap you with the harsh reality of the education system - 25% Exam grade, 10% quizzes and so on . . . Well you know what - I don't give a shit - Let's learn man - Let's explore and let's fail all the exams because we dared to think about a question and come up with our own ideas - why must we be tested on others' ideas - let's move on and make more and more and more. . . I dared to think and explore new things last semester - and I got a low grades . . . and it's really funny too - my parents were devasted, upset blah blah blah and so my entire satisfaction of allowing myself to be myself and think as I pleased was taken from me and I am now scared to think again . . .
Name: anonymous
Username: sumone @sumthing.com
Subject: boring
Date: Tue Mar 6 23:59:26 EST 2001
im juss writing to all u pplz isnt dis boring the only reason im reading n learning of dis guy is becuz its a project stupid eh?
Name: none
Username: none@hotmail.com
Subject: um uh i agree with the last guy!
Date: Thu Mar 29 19:38:18 EST 2001
this is very boring and i dont like it so screw ya'll!!
Name: anonymous
Subject: damn good site
Date: Wed Apr 25 16:42:03 EDT 2001

Name: zzc
Username: zc@yahoo.com
Subject: try
Date: Fri May 11 12:19:12 EDT 2001
Sorry,it's a try.
Name: David Flores
Username: gladiator_0007@hotmail.com
Subject: Which road to fallow, or all roads?
Date: Fri Jul 6 12:41:35 EDT 2001
Ladies and gentleman, I am in need of assistance.I started off a lover of knowledge as a child and have contexually walked into the college forum. As I widen my horizons of the philisophical and psychological worlds,I have already come to crossroads.Most of my instructors are very unmaliciously biased in their classes.I dont want to fall in the trap of leaning twords one cognition or pathology. I know I want to get a an "A" in every class,so I do what I have to and study the text. By example and prior readings,how can my instructor say "he or she was this way and what a crime!?" I know people are people but dont you think someone that lived 500 years ago is a little hard to judge and or be cast as a extremist or hero? I know this question I give to you, is probably very trite and basic.Please try to excuse that.I think sometimes, as in life, simplicity is the easiest answer to "ALL" our problems! Good day and Thank You for your time, Sincerely, David G. Flores Milwaukee Area Technichol College
Name: Just Jim
Username: jste@rocketmail.com
Subject: Attended and habitual awareness
Date: Fri Aug 31 09:24:15 EDT 2001
I would like for some of you to take a look at this web site and give me comments or impression of the concept presented there.http://www.geocities.com/jste.rm/ my email address is at the bottom of each page.
Name: Karen
Username: princesscuteness2001@yahoo.com
Subject: descarte & hobbes
Date: Wed Sep 26 20:16:47 EDT 2001
I have an essay due in philosophy class. I was wondering if anyone can offer any information on Descartes beliefs on dreaming from his meditations. Or on Hobbes beliefs on dreams and imagination. I'm suppose to do a compare and contrast. Thanx
Name: Dot Troyer
Username: dtroyer@starband.net
Subject: interview
Date: Tue Feb 19 19:46:42 EST 2002
I am in a class called Philosophy of culture. My task is to interview a non-Christian person. Will someone please answer my questions? What religion are you? How long have you been this religion? What religion were you prior to this one? What is responsible for the existence of the universe? What is a human being? What happens after a human being dies? What makes something right or wrong? How does our life have any significance? If you could make this the kind of world you would want it to be, what would it be? What are the problems with the Christian view of reality? Thanks for answering my questions.
Name: anonymous
Subject: the 19th century the epistemology of the nervous system
Date: Tue Apr 23 11:39:49 EDT 2002

Name: anonymous
Username: annekenskywalker@hotmail.com
Date: Thu Apr 25 12:04:48 EDT 2002
Firstly, I want to HIT you Jailed Thinker, because that post was really interesting, and I'd like to know which bit on thinking by Paul Gobstein you refer to, as I want to read it but I don't have a lot of time to look it up. So if anyone else can point me in the right direction to find it, I would be really grateful. Also, I am studying William James and I don't understand why he made his theory in the first place... I mean, Descartes asked somehting like 'what do we know, and how can we be sure we know it?' and his theory is the answer to this question. What question is James asking himself? ie, what is his theory answering? thanks for helping a dumbo out! great website btw
Name: anonymous
Username: rmart_0035@yahoo.com
Subject: Old philosophy modern issues.
Date: Thu Apr 25 17:31:20 EDT 2002
I have to write a paper concerning the views of Rene Descartes,(Specifically; What would be his view on animal rights and the soul.)I was wondering if someone can give some input concerning Rene's work, or if anybody can help me. Thank you so much.

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