Sylvia's Inquiry into Violence and the Brain

What is the brain?

The brain weighs about three pounds and has the appearance of a gray unshelled walnut. Don't be fooled by its simplistic appearance. It is a very complex structure with more than a hundred billion cells, "neurons". There are enough brain cells to learn as much as you want about anything that interests you.

It is the center running your life. It is involved in everything you do. The brain determines how you think, feel, act, and how you get along with other people. Did you ever consider that the kind of person you are is determined by your brain? Thus how polite or rude you are, how thoughtful, how well you think in everyday situations at work and with your family, your emotional state and how you relate to the opposite sex.

With this in mind, lets look at the brain and violence!

My inquiry would focus on these questions. How about yours? The web sites listed below should be helpful to me ... and maybe to you.

1. Is there a part of the brain that controls violence?

2. Can the size of the brain be a factor?

3. What is the difference between agressive behavior and violence?

4. Does abusive behavior by parents and/or siblings lead to violent behavior in teens?l

List of interesting websites on violence and the brain
by Sylvia Cooper