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Science and a Sense of Place:
Learning Where We are Located in the World

(July 24-August 4, 2006)


First name Last name Grade level Teaching assignment (or Department at BMC/HAV) Email address School School address
Deidre Bennett 3rd Self-contained syreeRen@aol.com Samuel Huey 52nd & Pine Sts.,
Phila., PA  19143
Jeff Cohen   Growth & Structure of Cities jcohen@brynmawr.edu BMC  
Anne Dalke   English adalke@brynmawr.edu BMC  
Tamara Davis   Biology tdavis@brynmawr.edu BMC  
J.D. Doughtery   Computer Science jdougher@haverford.edu HAV  
Charles Foster 3rd-5th Science Prep. chfoster@phila.k12.pa.us John Webster Elementary School 3400 Frankford Ave.,
Phila., PA  19134
Wil Franklin   Biology wfrankli@brynmawr.edu BMC  
Kaitlin Friedman   Geology major kfriedma@brynmawr.edu BMC  
Dalia Gorham 3rd Self-contained ddalia3@aol.com Samuel Huey 52nd & Pine Sts.,
Phila., PA  19143
Paul Grobstein   Founder, Summer Institutes, and Director, Center for Science and Society pgrobste@brynmawr.edu BMC  
Jennifer Harris 8th grade spec. ed. K-12 Spec. Ed. Math, Science, & English jeharrisaved@verizon.net Samuel Huey 52nd & Pine Sts.,
Phila., PA  19143
Deborah Hazen combined 5th & 6th grade class Lead Teacher teacherdebatlfs@comcast.net Lansdowne Friends School 110 N. Lansdowne Ave.,
Lansdowne, PA  19050
Cynthia Henderson 1st General Practitioner (1st) Elementary chenderson@phila.k12.pa.us Shawmont Elementary School 535 Eva St.,
Phila., PA  191428
Judith Lucas-Odom 9th Science servant23@peoplepc.com Chester High School 200 W. Ninth St.,
Chester, PA  19013
Jacob Marine K-5 K-5 Science, Envir. Educ., & 4th grade recyclejack@aol.com Raising Horizons Quest Charter School 7101 Pennway St.,
Phila., PA  19111
Elizabeth McCormack   Physics emccorma@brynmawr.edu BMC  
Betsy Reese   Science Library Map Curator breese@brynmawr.edu BMC  
Catherine Riihimaki   Geology criihima@brynmawr.edu BMC  
Wendy Sternberg   Psychology wsternbe@haverford.edu HAV  
Regina Toscani 6th-8th Life Skills reginatoscani@hotmail.com CCA Baldi Middle School 8801 Verree Rd.,
Phila., PA 19115
Carolyn Tyson   Grade Coordinator/(Math/Science) carol_t@verizon.net John P. Turner Middle School 5900 Baltimore Ave.,
Phila., PA  19143
Marita Wagner K-8 Speech Pathology mawagner@phila.k12.pa.us Laura H. Carnell Frontenac & Devereaux,
Phila., PA  19111
Mingh Whitfield Pre-K/K all areas fasnup@aol.com Lansdowne Friends School 110 N. Lansdowne Ave.,
Lansdowne, PA  19050

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