Bryn Mawr Summer Institute Program for K12 Teachers
Selected Academic Year Activities


Visit at Rush Middle School - 5 June 2003

Regina Toscani
and students ...

Visit from Wilson Middle School - 29 May 1998

    Marilyn Krupnick,
    Barbara Orlan,
    and students...

Visit from Cooke Middle School - 28 May 1998

    Jacqueline Dubin,
    Leonard White,
    Willie Mae Hughes,
    and students...

Visit from Cooke Middle School - 10 June 1997

    Jacqueline Dubin,
    Leonard White,
    William Jenkins,
    Gladys Petty
    and students...

Visit from Lamberton High School - 27 May 1997

    John Gossin
    Kedisha Gayle
    Montess Trapp
    Thanh-tu Tran

Visit at Central High School - 13 May 1997

    Tom Witkowski, Chemistry and Genetics classes
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