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Blink Link!

I thought I would link you all to the website I demonstrated Monday in my report about Blink. This is the Project Implicit website, where you, too, can spend time freaking out about how prejudiced you are, probably about groups that include yourself. (For example, I happen to "fail" the Gender-Career test miserably.)

Ruleset 89

If you apply Ruleset 89 to a lattice that has the center bit turned on, two different slopes appear within the same results. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. For the lazy or rushed, this will produce it: % python >>> from import * >>> rules = Rules(radius=1) >>> rules.init(89) >>> lat = Lattice(500) >>> lat.init("0" * lat.size) >>>[0][lat.size / 2] = 1 >>>

Some follow-up links from last class

First, if you were interested in the computer-generated ringtones Wolfram is selling, check out Wolfram Tones: An Experiment in a New Kind of Music (I suppose he's reinventing music, as well). You can listen to them on the website, share them with friends, and download them to your cell phone -- the last for a fee of about $2.