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Ruleset 89

If you apply Ruleset 89 to a lattice that has the center bit turned on, two different slopes appear within the same results. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like. For the lazy or rushed, this will produce it: % python >>> from import * >>> rules = Rules(radius=1) >>> rules.init(89) >>> lat = Lattice(500) >>> lat.init("0" * lat.size) >>>[0][lat.size / 2] = 1 >>>

Some follow-up links from last class

First, if you were interested in the computer-generated ringtones Wolfram is selling, check out Wolfram Tones: An Experiment in a New Kind of Music (I suppose he's reinventing music, as well). You can listen to them on the website, share them with friends, and download them to your cell phone -- the last for a fee of about $2.